IT Consultation and Planning

IT consulting is a field of activity which focuses on advising companies on how to best utilize information technology to achieve their business objectives with high optimality. However, this field also includes estimation, management, implementation, deployment and administration for IT systems on behalf of their client organizations, a practice known as outsourcing.

Reasons why you might need consultants

- To gain external, objective advice and recommendations
- To gain access to the consultant’s specialized expertise
- Temporary help for a one time project eliminates the need to hire a permanent employee
- To outsource IT services


Once the business owner explains the project we will define a scope, cost and time frame for the project. We will support and nurture the company from the very beginning until the end of the project, not only covering with our defined frame but also completing with high customer satisfaction. The documentation of your business processes and system requirements are very important for the project planning.


Our IT consultants possess the following skills. - Advisory skills
- Technical skills
- Business skills
- Management skills



We provide hardware from well-known companies such as *Cisco, HP, Honeywell, A10 Networks, AMP, Global specialties and more.


We provide software and their licensing for *Microsoft, Veeam, Symantec, Solarwinds, Remote Desktop Manager, Vulnerability and more.


We provide the best available cloud-based solutions from *Microsoft 365 to premium Web Hosting and premium DNS Hosting solutions.


We offer testing software and security products from vendors like *Tenable, DigiCert, TrendMicro, Rapid7, Kasperkey and more.

IT Services:

Our IT services help our customer utilize their IT investments in an optimal way. We provide integration solutions, application development,and management services.

Enterprise Solutions:

We provide solutions to that are specific to your very needs and requirements while also handling general issues. We devise CRM strategies, deploy CMS to the whole enterprise, assist you in collaboration and unified messaging solutions.

Network Services:

We offer our customers a complete range of networking solutions from connecting offices via P2P wireless, VSAT, LAN and WAN solutions, VPN and more.


IT Optimization:

Your business will achieve improved performance due to fast-trackingbecause of all the new and expert technologies. There will be higher availability and reduced risks within a reasonable cost range.


Our security measures will ensure that all your data and business strategies are safe from any attackers.

Fresh Look:

An outsider can take a look at your business processes and determine the faults much more objectively, and come up with different sorts of solutions which might have gotten overlooked before.

Cost Saving:

All our products come at reasonable costs, and you don’t have to maintain consultants on your payroll once the project is completed, unlike the regular employees.


It can be difficult for the company managers to manage time for their regular duties and additional for the project, and even if they do, it might affect their work negatively as it is too much burden. Hiring our consultants will provide you with much more effective strategies for your projects.