Managed IT Services

Quick Response To Your IT Requests Non-Restricted Remote And On-Site Support
Virtual CIO And Devoted Account Manager
Active Monitoring And Controlling
Regular Preventative Maintenance
Complete Peace of Mind

Managed IT Services by Century Technologies

Century Technologies offer the best, and up-to-date Managed IT Services to its clients. Our Managed IT Services are designed to response to your IT support requests in a fast and quick way. We offer our comprehensive managed services according to a constant rate instead of an hourly rate. Our Managed IT Services include proactive IT solutions, preventative maintenance, around-the-clock-monitoring, and exclusive IT management services.

Responses Quickly

It is imperative to seek quick assistance when you face an issue in your IT functions. We quickly response to your queries, and we attend to them in the shortest span of time.

Excellent and equipped monitoring

Century Technologies is adept at monitoring and controlling the activities that occur in your technology infrastructure. It enables us to detect any problems and to fix them instantly.

On-Demand Support

The team at Century Technologies understands the needs and wants of its clients, so it strives to be available at any time of the day, and offer on-demand support and services to its clients.

What can you expect from us?

• Satisfaction of Mind – We offer around-the-clock services which provide our clients with a satisfaction of mind.
• Minimal Downtime– We are quick at detecting the occurrence of any IT-related issue in your business, and we are quick at taking care of it to minimize downtime.
• Elimination of disruption – We take care of monitoring your IT infrastructure which enables you to concentrate on your business without any hurdles and disruptions.
• Conventional Budgeting – We offer fixed-rates on our services which enable you to pay a constant amount every month.
• Leverage Technology Better – We offer insight on improving your IT systems to improve the efficacy of your business.

What Do We offer?

There are numerous services that we offer to companies who choose us as their IT Managers. Here are some of the services provided by us;
(i) Laptop/PC Maintenance: Be that your laptops or the PCs of your company, we will make sure that all these systems are up-to-date and well-maintained so that the working of your company stays smooth.
(ii) Designing Mobility Solutions: this is also our very highlighted service included in the IT management services.
(iii) Websites/Apps/Software: We work for the maintenance and development of websites, apps,and software for the businesses. We provide the type of websites, apps etc that your business needs.
(iv) Network and Server management: we also provide services that make sure that the network and the server of the client’s business stay in working conditions during the working hours and there is no delay or hindrance in their functionality.
If you have any queries or questions related to our Managed IT services or wish to avail these, do not hesitate to contact us. We will make sure that we respond to you as soon as possible.