Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of an automated system in your home is automatic door locks. How many times have you gone to work in the morning, only to realize you forgot to close the door? Through an automated system, you can lock the doors with the touch of a finger. This quickly soothes your mind, so you can focus on your day job rather than who may or may not be entering your home. This is also a great benefit if you have to leave for work before their children go to school. Often, children running out the door to catch the bus and forget to close the door. You can take control of the situation by blocking the door to your office every day. The fact that you can be alerted whenever someone enters your home also allows you to control who comes into your house at any time, even when you’re not there.

Lock Codes

Create unique lock codes for each user, and set a schedule to control when the codes can be used. You can limit access by day and time. You can create and disable codes at any time, so there’s no need to rekey or change your locks.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are a key entry point to a property. Now you can remotely open or close the garage door and get a notification if the door is left open when it shouldn’t be.


Never forget to lock the door or close the garage again. Get reminders if a door is left unlocked, and see who just unlocked or locked a door.

Remote Control

Remotely lock or unlock the door right from your app. You can let in a visitor or a contractor without having to be there.

Reduce False Alarms

Set your security system to automatically disarm when a valid lock code is entered. This is simpler for users, who only have to remember one lock code (not a system code), avoiding the hassle of false alarms.

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